Northern Lights Cruises

The best way to combine a Scandinavian city break with an aurora spotting expedition is a Northern Lights cruise. While we do offer Arctic adventures like snowmobile expeditions and husky safaris, a cruise remains the most accessible and relaxing way to see the lights without the drawback of a city’s light pollution.

Take a Trondheim city break. There’s plenty to see during the day; the wildlife at the Gaulosen, the boutiques in the Olav Tryggvasons, the archives and concerts at DORA 1, the Kristiansten Fortress, the Munkholmen, the Stiftsgården, the museums, and of course the Nidaros Cathedral, but you have to leave the city to get the very best views of the Northern Lights.

Cruise through Norway and you have not only the best parts of the city break but when you embark your cruise ship you leave behind the dull glow of the city skies. The second major advantage to a cruise is the unrivalled view you get of the fjords.

Carved into the landscape by glaciers during the last ice age, the fjords are the eighth wonder of the natural world. From the base of their underwater valleys to waterline the deepest fjords approach nearly two kilometers in depth. Norway’s deepest fjord is a comparatively shallow 1300 meters, but its steep cliffs rise up taking the total depth of the fjord, from tip to base, to over 2300 meters.

Northern-Lights Bleik Lofeton-Islands

Northern Light’s Cruises and More

To experience the magnitude of the Norwegian coast firsthand take a Northern Lights cruise from Tromsø to Trondheim. The focus of this tour is a two day voyage between the cities but don’t miss out on sightseeing at either end. 217 miles inside the Arctic Circle, Tromsø is in the middle of aurora country, moving into the auroral belt at about 6pm local time and leaving it around midnight. The city centre has the largest concentration of wooden structures in northern Norway and it also plays host to the Polar Museum, the Arctic Cathedral, and other lesser known attractions.

A Northern Lights cruise with a stay at the Kirkenes Snow Hotel is perfect for a romantic getaway. Kirkenes is about as far north as you can get in Norway and an ideal spot for seeing the aurora. The Snow Hotel is a novelty hotel with a difference; far from being a gimmick it provides a unique experience which is likened to a night in a five star igloo.

For a more metropolitan short break our Norwegian cruises give you two days to see the sights in Tromsø as well as a day exploring Kirkenes.

If any of our cruise packages don’t seem quite what you wanted just call us and an experienced advisors will tailor-make your perfect Northern Lights cruise.