Northern Lights Holiday Packages

From relaxing Norwegian cruises to unique Arctic breaks at magnificent snow hotels, there are a wide range of breaks to choose from. If you are looking for quirky Northern Lights holiday packages then the Lapland Igloo Village could be perfect. Here you can enjoy a meal in the spectacular Snow Restaurant, where even the tables are made of ice! There is also a wide range of activities available at the resort including snowmobiling in search of the Northern Lights, learning how to mush a pack of huskies and visiting Santa and his elves. The main highlight of the resort however is spending a night in a snow igloo. You will be kept warm and snug in a sleeping bag whilst surrounded by glistening snow. Alternatively you can keep warm in a heated glass igloo that offers a panoramic view of the Northern Lights. Find out more about the Lapland Igloo resort and the rest of our Northern Lights holiday packages below.

Northern Lights Holidays in Norway
Holidays to See the Incredible Northern Lights
From the months of October to the end of March the mesmerising Aurora Borealis make sporadic appearances over the clear dark skies of Scandinavia, as well as Iceland and even Canada. A holiday to seek out this fantastic natural wonder is sure to leave you feeling inspired.
Northern Lights Holidays in Norway

Northern Lights
See the Mesmerising Aurora Borealis
Striking colours of blue, green and pink billow across the azure skies as spectators watch in anticipation. The Aurora Borealis are renowned for their colourful majesty, which is why explorers from all over the world traverse across arctic territory to witness them.
Northern Lights Holidays

All of our Northern Lights holiday packages offer once in a lifetime experiences, breaking away from conventional getaways. The mesmerising Aurora Borealis provide the highlight of any evening, when they appear in their dazzling arcs of pink, blue, yellow or green. Many of our holidays are located above the Arctic Circle, as this is where you are most likely to see the natural wonder. The visibility of displays is also better when you are far away from heavily populated cities or towns which have light pollution. Our Northern Lights holiday packages are available between October and April, as this is when the phenomena are more often seen dancing across the night sky. Take a look at our wide range of holidays to find out more about the activities and excursions that are available at each different resort or hotel. Alternatively call our travel advisors for further information on our breaks.