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Northern Lights at the Icehotel

See the Aurora over Sweden when you travel to the Northern Lights at the ICEHOTEL

Venture to the breathtaking landscapes of Swedish Lapland to look for the Northern Lights at the ICEHOTEL and enjoy a truly unique winter break. The ICEHOTEL was the first building of its kind and is the largest, its creators redesign and rebuild it every year. The ICEHOTEL is ideally situated for seeing the Northern Lights, meaning you have excellent chances of catching sight of a display on your break. During your time here you can choose from a variety of rooms, ranging from a basic snow room to a deluxe suite, complete with ice furniture and stunningly intricate ice carvings. There’s a wide range of activities for you to enjoy when you go to see the Northern Lights at the ICEHOTEL, including the traditional Lapland favourites: husky sledding and snowmobiling, as well as some more unusual options such as ice driving or even ice sculpting!

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  • Sweden: Ice Hotel Aurora Adventure

    A truly magical Aurora Adventure

    Our ICEHOTEL Aurora Adventure offers a truly magical taste of the best that Sweden has to offer. Staying in the ICEHOTEL, a breathtaking masterpiece of ice art, you'll go in search of the amazing Northern Lights. Rebuilt every year from scratch,...

    4 Days From £1028

  • Sweden: Ice Hotel Lapland Adventure

    A luxury stay in an hotel made from ice and snow, combined with exciting activities

    Discover the Northern Lights on an exceptional adventure holiday at the breathtaking ICEHOTEL in Lapland. During this exhilarating adventure holiday in Lapland’s snow-covered landscape you will go on an incredible array of activities including a...

    4 Days From £1734

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