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Northern Lights Facts

Discover the Northern Lights Facts and myths during a voyage along the Norwegian coast

Discover Northern Lights Facts and myths on one of our unforgettable Aurora breaks and put your knowledge to the test as you go in search for the breathtaking natural phenomenon. Search for the Lights by land or sea with our range of holidays, and learn the science behind the magic! One of the best ways to learn about Northern Lights Facts is on our Astronomy Voyage which includes on board lectures by renowned experts such as Dr John Mason who has featured on the BBC’s The Sky at Night show. This cruise will take you to some of the most beautiful regions along the rugged Norwegian coast, including the Lofoten Islands, North Cape and ancient Trondheim. Not only this, our range of voyages will take you to areas that are extremely far north like Kirkenes as well as some of Norway's most remote settlements.

A Fantastic Range

Stay in the Kirkenes Snow Hotel as you learn Northern Lights Facts

Whether you already know plenty of Northern Lights Facts and would love to catch a glimpse of them as well, or you are just beginning to delve into the mysteries surrounding the Aurora, you are sure to be inspired by our range of holidays. From relaxing cruises along Norway’s coast and impressive tours around the fascinating island of Iceland to thrilling adventure breaks in Finnish Lapland, we have a variety of holidays that give you the chance to look for the breathtaking Northern Lights. Why not make your discovery of the Northern Lights Facts something really special by choosing a break to one of our ice and snow hotels? There's no better way to witness the Aurora than from one of these incredible structures.

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If you are thinking of booking a holiday but would like more Northern Lights Facts before doing so, such as when they are most likely to appear and where you'll have the best chance of seeing them, speak to one of our friendly travel advisers. Our team are happy to answer any questions you might have about the Aurora to help get your adventure underway.

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