Northern Lights in Norway in 2013

Northern Lights Norway 2013

The Solar Maximum is predicted to continue into 2013, meaning the Aurora Borealis will shine brighter and more frequently throughout the northerly latitudes over the coming winter. We have a grand selection of holidays to choose from which will give you a chance to see the Northern Lights in Norway in 2013. The scenery in this country is so dramatic, especially the coastline which is punctuated by colossal fjords. Rugged cliffs rise steeply from the icy seas, and snow-covered mountains dominate the landscape. With the Northern Lights flashing across the skies, illuminating this striking terrain, it makes for a truly remarkable scene. You can see for yourself on one of our tempting Norwegian cruises, or enjoy a city break in Tromsø, Norway’s Arctic capital. You could even try something unique and experience a stay at the Snow Hotel. Take a look at our selection of holidays to the Northern Lights in Norway in 2013 and start planning your winter getaway.

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Holidays to see the Northern Lights in Norway in 2013

Our Norwegian cruises are superb and they are a great way to see the Aurora Borealis, too. As the ships make their way up and down the fragmented coast of Norway, they dock at charming towns and intriguing coastal settlements, giving you chance to disembark and discover more about life in these northerly reaches. Bergen is Norway’s second largest city and retains a fascinating history which you can delve into when you take a stroll around Bryggen Harbour and the Hanseatic Wharf. Ålesund is another interesting town, most notable for its unusual Art Nouveau architecture. The town was once burned to the ground in a terrible fire, and so was rebuilt in this delightful style. As the ships cross the Arctic Circle, the scenery becomes even more eye-catching, and the chance of seeing the Northern Lights is increased. Tromsø has become a hotspot for seeing the Aurora, and there are museums and galleries dedicated to this exciting natural wonder.

If you prefer to stay on dry land to see the Northern Lights in Norway in 2013, there are even more exciting holidays to choose from. One of the most popular is the Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel in Alta where you can enjoy a unique experience sleeping in an ice room. The interior of the Igloo Hotel is creatively lit with colourful lighting, almost mimicking the beauty of the Northern Lights outside. With activities like dog sledding and snowmobiling to look forward to, winter holidays to see the Northern Lights in Norway for 2013 are unbeatable.