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Northern Lights Photography Holidays

Capture incredible Aurora shots on Northern Lights Photography Holidays

If seeing the Aurora is top of your bucket-list, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to capture the perfect image of the moment the Lights appear. Our Northern Lights Photography Holidays are specifically designed to help you take the best images of what could be a once in a lifetime experience. Alongside the chance to photograph the Aurora, you will also visit places of extreme natural beauty with an abundance of wildlife and landscapes providing exquisite subjects for your photographs. Enjoy cultural excursions to hamlets, towns and cities and expand your portfolio with images of medieval and Viking architecture. For a truly special experience, book one of our Aurora photography holidays with the world-famous photographer Haukur Snorrason and make the most of his expertise.

Northern Lights Photography Holidays Highlights

Iceland offers stunning backdrops of charming villages, volcanic landscapes and frozen terrains. The Land of Fire and Ice is an intriguing subject and any photographer would be delighted to capture its contrasting vistas. Each of our breaks takes you to the country’s most beautiful locations, such as the Golden Circle, the Hraunfossar waterfalls, the Blue Lagoon and the exciting city of Reykjavík. Capture waterfalls in full flow and geysers as they spray their geothermal waters high into the air.

Small Group Tours

Why not book a small group tour and benefit from the attention and expertise of an experienced guide in a more intimate setting? Enjoy the company of the famous Icelandic photographer, Haukur Snorrason and garner tips about how best to photograph the Northern Lights. This holiday really gives that personal touch as after your time with Haukur, you will enjoy a traditional Icelandic meal prepared by his wife, the talented gourmet cook, Hadda Bjork Gisladottir.

Get Closer to Nature

Photograph some of Iceland's most stunning natural features on Northern Lights Photography Holidays

Strap on your walking boots, and join us as we trek through national parks and lava fields in Iceland. If you love nothing more than being among the great outdoors, choose a holiday that sees you conquering glaciers, exploring ice caves and getting up close to waterfalls and geysers.

Wildlife Photography

Avid birdwatchers may already know that the Westfjords region is teeming with different varieties of wild birds and in fact the number of birds vastly outnumber the inhabitants of the area! During our breaks you may even see Arctic foxes in their dens and seals at play, making this a prime spot for wildlife photographers and nature lovers.

City Life

See the other side of Iceland when you visit the capital and discover the interesting history of the people and the Northern Lights when you visit the many museums and galleries the city has to offer. Reykjavik is renowned for its bustling nightlife, so don’t miss out on the chance to experience the entertainment of the city for yourself. A night out here could make for some very interesting holiday snaps indeed!

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