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Unusual Places to Stay

Relax in the Alta Igloo Hotel when you choose from our Unusual Places to Stay

Unusual Places to Stay put the icing on any holiday! What could be better than coming back at the end of a day of fun and adventure to stay in a fabulous ice and snow hotel or a magical Aurora friendly glass igloo!

Our Unusual Places to Stay add that extra special something to your getaway, that magical touch that turns a good holiday into something great. Imagine viewing the Aurora from the comfort of your bed in a heated glass igloo or setting out from your ice suite to search for the lights in the dark night skies.

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  • Norway: Northern Lights Adventure Holiday at the SnowHotel

    Chill out in the cool Snow Bar

    If you want something different to the usual summer beach holiday and are looking for excitement, our Northern Lights Adventure Holiday is a fantastic alternative. Every day there are great activities to take part in that acquaint you with some of...

    5 Days From £1760

  • Sweden: Ice Hotel Aurora Adventure

    A truly magical Aurora Adventure

    Our ICEHOTEL Aurora Adventure offers a truly magical taste of the best that Sweden has to offer. Staying in the ICEHOTEL, a breathtaking masterpiece of ice art, you'll go in search of the amazing Northern Lights. Rebuilt every year from scratch,...

    4 Days From £885

  • Sweden: Ice Hotel Lapland Adventure

    A luxury stay in an hotel made from ice and snow, combined with exciting activities

    Discover the Northern Lights on an exceptional adventure holiday at the breathtaking ICEHOTEL in Lapland. During this exhilarating adventure holiday in Lapland’s snow-covered landscape you will go on an incredible array of activities including a...

    4 Days From £1620

  • Finland: Lapland Igloo Village and Northern Lights

    A unique holiday experience with an opportunity to sleep in an igloo made of glass

    A Northern Lights adventure holiday in the Lapland Igloo Village, which combines a range of exhilarating arctic activities with the chance of seeing the mesmerising Aurora Borealis. This spectacular break includes one night in a magnificent snow or...

    5 Days From £1740

  • Norway: Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel and Alta Adventure

    Embrace the snowy winter in Norway

    Each year a talented team of sculptors set to work to create the most inspired ice structure ever and each year, they surpass all expectations. The Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel at Alta is a striking piece of architecture that figures prominently against...

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